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Are Investors Running Out Of Cash?

by Dana Lyons One survey finds the lowest investor cash position since the stock market top in 2000. We used to post a lot of these scary secular charts pertaining to long-term market related concerns....


Are Investors Getting Too Bulled Up?

by Dana Lyons One indicator of investor sentiment just recorded its highest reading in history. Sentiment indicators can be useful tools for investors, mainly on a contrarian basis. That is, generally when readings get overly...


Investor credit balances – “To say that investors are “all in” would be an understatement here. They’re leveraged to the gills.”

Hussman posted this chart in his latest blog. https://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc170717.htm Speaking of margin debt, Doug Short recently provided this look at investor credit balances and the equity market. The bars (green when positive, red when...