11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression

By Michael Snyder

When you get into too much debt, really bad things start to happen.  Sadly, that is exactly what is happening to Italy right now.  Harsh austerity measures are causing the Italian economy to slow down even more than it was previously.  And yet even with all of the austerity measures, the

Italy’s economy shrinks as EU leader warns of lost generation

Rachel Cooper March 11, 2013

Data from Italy’s national statistics institute ISTAT showed that the country’s economy shrank by 0.9pc in the fourth quarter of last year and gross domestic product was down a revised 2.8pc year-on-year.

The economy was hobbled by chronically weak domestic demand and a fall in inventories, while exports posted

Steve Forbes & Biderman: U.S. Tax Hike Worse Than No Fiscal Deal. New Year Could See Immediate Recession At Worst, Slower Growth At Best!


Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) — Steve Forbes, chairman and chief executive officer of Forbes Inc., talks about fiscal negotiations in Washington and the outlook for Italy’s economy. Forbes speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Biderman’s Daily Edge – New Year could see immediate recession at worst,

When The Economy Collapses In The USA, The People Go Shopping!

Steve Watson Nov 23, 2012

In Greece, with the economy collapsing, the people attempt to push through barricades where their political leaders are meeting:

In the US, with the economy collapsing, the people attempt to push through barricades at Victoria’s Secret to buy panties:

In Spain, with the economy collapsing, the people

Bank of Italy governor sees 2 percent GDP fall – paper

(Reuters) – Italy‘s economy will shrink about 2 percent in 2012 though signs of recovery could start to appear at the end of the year, Bank of Italy governor Ignazio Visco said in an interview.

Visco had previously expected a 1.5 percent contraction in gross domestic product (GDP), against a government forecast of -1.2 percent and

Italian business confidence falls to three-year low, fell to 86.2 from 89.1 in April

Istat, the official Italian statistics body, said Italy’s manufacturing business confidence index fell to 86.2 from 89.1 in April, below a consensus forecast of 88.7.

Economists warned that conditions would only worsen, with some of the tax increases introduced by Mario Montin, the prime minister, due to kick in later this year. He has

Beautiful. After encouraging austerity, Moody’s says that austerity is the reason for today’s Italian bank downgrade.

The ratings agencies are major forces for fiscal tightening, as governments desperately hope to maintain their investment grade ratings and so on.


But now look at this from Moody’s downgrade of Italian banks.

The #1 reason for the downgrade?

Increasingly adverse operating conditions, with Italy’s economy back in recession and government austerity reducing near-term economic demand.

So on the

Italian recession accelerating: Its economy is now contracting at an at least 0.3% annualized run rate

Today we learn that the obvious apparently continues, following a Reuters report that according to an Italian source, Q4 GDP declined more than the 0.2% drop in Q3, and that there was no improvement in Q1 of 2012. In other words, Italy’s economy is now contracting at an at least 0.3% annualized run rate. More as we

WARNING: Fitch sees significant chance of Italy downgrade

By Clare Hutchison

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Fitch’s Head of Global Sovereign Ratings David Riley said on Tuesday that there is a significant chance of a rating downgrade for Italy in the absence of a credible financial firewall in Europe. Speaking at Fitch’s European Credit Outlook conference in London, Riley said that Italy was the

Italy (8th largest economy in the world, GDP nominal), Spain (12th largest in world)and Portugal (38th largest in world) economies are poised for collapse, along with Greece (32nd largest economy in world)

via Independent:

THE SHOCK decision by Greece to hold a referendum over whether to accept the eurozone debt plan pushed Italian sovereign borrowing rates up sharply today.

While German 10-year bond yields fell below 2pc, Italy’s rates shot up to 6.3pc – above the 6pc level considered bailout mode.


The cost of Irish borrowing,

S&P Lowers Italy Outlook To Negative And Could Be Lowered Within The Next 24 Months

by ZH


In our view Italy’s current growth prospects are weak, and the political commitment for productivity-enhancing reforms appears to be faltering. Potential political gridlock could contribute to fiscal slippage. As a result, we believe Italy’s prospects for reducing its general government debt have diminished. We have therefore revised the rating outlook on Italy

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