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John Rubino – Signs Pointing to Recession?

from Financial Survival Network John Rubino observes that the yield curve is flattening out. In the past this has been a sure sign of impending recession. Is this time different? Then we move to other ominous...


BRILLIANT! Sarah Sanders And Trump Bring Out Chief Of Staff John Kelly And Preface With Saying “Since You Guys Love Asking Policy Questions” Then John Kelly Tells Them That His Only Source Of Frustration Is That They Always Lie About What Trump Said Or What He Said”

“It’s Just Not True” Chief John Kelly Slams Reporters For Lying About Trump During Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing Chief Of Staff John Kelly Tells Reporters What They Write “It’s Just Not True”...


John Rubino – Beware of Mega-Hackers!

from Financial Survival Network John Rubino returns… We’re in the era of the mega-hacker. Equifax, 145.5 millions records stollen, Yahoo 3 billion accounts compromised, Target, etc., etc. Where will it end. As if natural disasters aren’t...