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Trump Killed the Democrat Party

by Wayne Root Liberals are melting down. They’re on “full tilt.” They’ve lost their minds. President Trump has routed them. Democrats are about to become an insignificant minority party. Look no further than the news...


Google Has Killed Tons of Firms by Demonitization

Synopsis: An important part of coup is the ability to control independent reporters from presenting the news they think is fit to print out across the internet. Tucker Carlson has called Google the largest...


Russia interferes in every election. You didn’t care until you were told to care. Statues stood for over 100 years. You didn’t care until you were told to care. People are killed daily by guns in cities like Chicago. You don’t care about gun violence until you’re told to care

https://twitter.com/1776Stonewall/status/965359649280098306   The ease with which the globalists, the MSM, and the deep state can whip up the left into a collective state of frenzied emotion over x never ceases to amaze me. Time...