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House Republicans planning legislation to defund the UN

New Republican Congress considers ending American funding of United Nations 1/5/17 Senior US Republicans are planning legislation that could stop US funding of the United Nations (UN) after the international body voted to condemn...


CA Law that automatically registers all holders of a drivers license as a registered voter for all California ballots, including federal elections, including non-citizen residents as a January 2015 legislation decreed the right of a drivers license to non-citizens.

California has received a lot of attention in recent days for its new voter registration law, which is intended to streamline the process of signing up to vote and encourage more participation in elections. Here’s...


URGENT: The FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies get expanded powers to hack into your computer and phone on Thursday, December 1. Some senators are pushing legislation to stop them, but they need more senators to join them immediately.

Beginning at midnight on Thursday, December 1, 2016, anyone who uses a VPN, Tor browser, or other privacy protection tools can more easily get hacked by the government. The FBI and other law enforcement...