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Crisis, Dullards And Wake-up Call – “The colonization has already begun, with secret deals galore…Meetings at very high level are in progress, with little if any popular representation, only elite members present.”

By: Jim Willie CB, GoldenJackass.com Many people who have been steady loyal dedicated even honorable investors in the gold & silver trade as personal protection for life savings have endured struggles with the family...


Stocks Hit A Level Only Seen During The Bubbles Of 1929, 2000 And 2007… Manipulated Low Volume VIX Pushdown Rallies

http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/are-we-being-set-up-for-a-crash-stocks-hit-a-level-only-seen-during-the-bubbles-of-1929-2000-and-2007 We check out the market action in this low volume morning in financial markets, focusing on the VIX, Volume metrics, and common market moving stocks during these type of trading environments.


Now the presstitutes have surpassed their previous level of criminality. They are part and parcel of formenting a coup against the president-elect and throwing the country into a crisis of unknown proportion.

The Striking Audacity of the Coup-in-Process by Paul Craig Roberts Unsubstantiated stories have been planted throughout the presstitute media by anonymous CIA officials that Donald Trump’s electoral victory was the result of Russian intervention....