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‘Our patience has limits’: Erdogan says Turkey may hold referendum on joining EU. “The European Union is pressing us to withdraw from our [accession] process. If they don’t want us, they should make a decision and speak clearly about it,”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Brussels of pressing Ankara to give up its bid to join the EU. Noting that Ankara’s patience “has limits,” Erdogan hinted he might hold a referendum on...


The globalists have created the conditions by which an economic crisis can be triggered at the time of their choosing (within certain limits)… and they need the economy to turn unstable in order to create a rationale for a centralized economic authority and a single global currency system.

by Brandon Smith Political and economic events tend to swing like a pendulum, or move like the tides.  What you think you know today, according to the mainstream mood, can swiftly change tomorrow.  Sometimes...



by James Quin Howie Carr, a radio talk-show host on WRKO in Boston was on an absolute tear yesterday at the beginning of his show. He made the maddening observation that if a man...