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Now You Can Live in a Remodeled Shipping Container!

Startup Boxouse sells “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes” made from shipping containers (the “deluxe” edition costs $49,000 and includes shipping). Chief Executive Officer Luke Iseman, a Wharton graduate who previously ran Y Combinator’s hardware...


KNOWLEDGE BOMB. In 2009, Justice Scalia pushed for a lawsuit to be brought against Obama regarding an allegation that Obama was born in Kenya and that the “Certification of Live Birth” on Obama’s website is a forgery. Lawsuit referenced in Wikileaks.

WOW. Last year Sheriff Joe Arpaio held press conference which presented conclusive evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was indeed a forged document- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk3KRxTfkLM A few days ago, Malik Obama tweeted out Barack’s “real”...


Dutch Election rigged? Live poll updates!

I’m hearing that Geert Wilders’ support has dropped rapidly in the last few days and he’s not in the lead now – in fact he’s third. This seems mighty strange considering all the muslim...