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The Ayatollah Backing Black Lives Matter

by Mark Angelides In a bizarre twist on geopolitical relations, it appears that the Ayatollah of Iran, Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei not only thinks little of President Trump, but has a warm place in his...


Ron Paul, the ultimate red pill “Hopefully the revelations of sexual misconduct among Capitol Hill and media defenders will lead more Americans to question the morality and the wisdom of allowing the federal government to run the world, run the economy, and run our lives.”

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Many Americans have been shocked by recent revelations of the extent of sexual harassment in Congress. However, no one should be...


Bimbonic plague is ending lives

Radio host and author Mark Steyn joins Tucker Carlson to sound off on the latest high-profile sexual misconduct scandals that have rocked Tavis Smiley, a movie director and led to a lawmaker’s apparent suicide....