London Mayor: Leaving Europe would be shot in arm for democracy

Voters would feel they had regained control over their own destiny if Britain became fully independent from Brussels, the Mayor of London said.

Mr Johnson warned that the country must be ready to “walk away” from Europe if David Cameron failed to negotiate better terms of membership.

Mr Johnson’s comments will fuel the increasingly

London Mayor: ‘It’s snowing, and it really feels like the start of a mini ice age’

“The Sun is god!” cried JMW Turner as he died, and plenty of other people have thought there was much in his analysis. The Aztecs agreed, and so did the pharaohs of Egypt. We are an arrogant lot these days, and we tend to underestimate the importance of our governor and creator.

We forget

LONDON MAYOR: BRITAIN LEAVING EU “NOT END OF THE WORLD” (so the Queen’s inspection of the BoE’s gold was timely)

London mayor Boris Johnson says the British government cannot delay a widely-sought referendum on Britani’s future in the European Union indefinitely, stressing leaving the EU would not be “the end of the world”.

The Conservative mayor, who is seen as a potential future rival for British Prime Minster David Cameron for party leadership, told the

City of New London- On the verge of declaring Bankruptcy

New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio spoke at SGA’s general assembly meeting Thursday night about New London’s financial situation and upcoming budget referendum.

“We are at a very critical point in the history of New London. We’re broke – flat broke, in fact,” Mayor Finizio said.

He explained that the current situation is due to

London mayor wants Games again!

London Mayor Boris Johnson said Thursday there was “an unanswerable case” for the city to host the Games again, but pledged he would do his duty and hand 2016 hosts Rio de Janeiro the Olympic flag.

Johnson said that after the Olympics an “endless series of global sporting events” were coming to London “and quite

NHL calls banana-throwing incident “stupid and ignorant”

The National Hockey League (NHL) condemned the person who threw a banana in the direction of a black player during a pre-season game, calling the individual’s actions “stupid and ignorant.”

The banana was tossed from the stands while Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds was skating toward the Detroit Red Wings net in a shootout attempt

Cameron: We must reverse ‘moral collapse’

LONDON (AP) — Britain must confront a culture of laziness, irresponsibility and selfishness that fueled four days of riots which left five people dead, thousands facing criminal charges and hundreds of millions in damages, Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged Monday.

As rival political leaders staked out their response to England’s unrest, Cameron pledged to deliver

REPORTS: Olympics ambassador is London rioter!


Published: 11 Aug 2011

AN Olympics ambassador alleged to have hurled bricks at a police car was handed into cops by her mum.

Chelsea Ives, 18, also led an attack on a mobile phone shop during Sunday’s riots, Westminster Magistrates’ Court has heard.

She was allegedly filmed by the BBC throwing

Cameron Returns From Vacation

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will return to the U.K. overnight from vacationing in Italy in order to chair an emergency government meeting to discuss rioting in London which is occurring for a third night.

Cameron will chair the COBR emergency response committee and also meet with Home Secretary Theresa May and Metropolitan Police Service


Barack Obama’s presidential motorcade has been fined for not paying the congestion charge in London.

And you can’t say that the US president was not warned.

London Mayor Boris Johnson button-holed him at a State banquet in May to raise the issue of US diplomats in London not paying the congestion-busting levy. They have run

Former Foreign Secretary says Euro can’t last as Greece economy collapses, he feels the Euro will soon disappear as a currency

In discussions in UK parliament on giving another Greek bailout, ex finance minster of the previous government, Jack Straw says Euro can’t last as Greece economy collapses, he feels the Euro will soon disappear as a currency. Boris Johnson also says they should let Greece default on its debts rather than provide further funding, but

UK government may change law to ‘avoid’ ‘summer of discontent’:

Vince Cable has said he will consider legislation to curb union power if they call too many strikes, but does not yet see a case for changing the law. The Business Secretary will today say there is not yet a compelling argument for toughening the current rules, which allow militant unions to call strikes even

London mayor slaps congestion levy on Obama’s Beast

Beast limo: Ordered to pay congestion charge

Barack Obama has been ordered to pay the congestion charge for his security vehicle “The Beast”, Boris Johnson revealed today.

The Mayor told the Standard each car in the President’s motorcade will be billed for £10 – including the bomb-proof Cadillac. Mr Johnson also said he had

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