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GE is broken. Fixing it will be long and difficult

Restoring General Electric to greatness, or even just mediocrity, won’t be quick or easy. GE’s (GE) fall from grace has forced the iconic company to take drastic steps just to stop the bleeding. This...


The Long Stagnation Lies Ahead – Tips for Investment

by Trivirus Long post and food for thought for those willing to read into the numbers instead of relying “experts” for counsel. , I will include some real investment tips for those who think long term and...


Money is the underlying issue. As long as there are people in power, there is going to be a subset of those people who take money in exchange for favors. It doesn’t even stop with politicians. People with any kind of power can be corrupted, even the people who have the power to tell us what is “true” (scientists).

by PoliticallyAverse Opioids are just one drug out of many that are prescribed unnecessarily to people, including toddlers, in exchange for bribes. This gets even more complicated when you look at how the pharmaceutical industry...