U.S plans MASS EXECUTIONS- If we don’t stop WW3 its over

The duplicity of the U.S Government is blatant. They are provocking, not ww3, but mankinds annihilation with WW3. This video shows what the U.S. is doing to make ww3 start the death in mass all over the world. ww3 will just be the beginning. Please helgetting this message out. It is easier to stop ww3 now then after it begins. Stop ww3.

This is the demonic monster that will be leading the annual Bilderberg Group meeting this weekend at the Chantilly VA

“The price of the Chinese Revolution,has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social & eugenic experiment in China under Chairman Mao ,the butchering & slaughtering of 60 million Chinese under Chairman Mao’s dynamic leadership is one of the most important and successful mass executions in human history”.– David Rockefeller

This is the demonic monster […]

105 year old woman hanged herself after telling her family she was tired of waiting to die.

Suicide … Anastasia Khoreva killed herself at 105 CEN A 105-YEAR-OLD woman hanged herself after telling her family she was tired of waiting to die

Friends said great-great-great-gran Anastasia Khoreva had been depressed after being struck down with a lung infection.

The pensioner waited until her family had left the house then used a clothes line to fashion a makeshift noose in her bedroom.

Anastasia, from Darsun, Russia, had […]