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Good News For Honest Doctors! A judge rules that regulators who harassed and humiliated a doctor for daring to warn about vaccine dangers, will have to pay him millions in compensation

State Officials Forced To Pay Millions For Humiliating Anti-Vaccine Doctor http://vaxxter.com/state-officials-forced-to-pay-millions-for-humiliating-anti-vaccine-geier/ Mainstream Pro-Vaccine Washington Post source for shills so as they can’t attack source https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/regulators-who-targeted-anti-vaccine-doctor-may-pay-millions-for-humiliating-him/2018/02/03/b63ea6dc-faf8-11e7-ad8c-ecbb62019393_story.html The individuals will have to pay the money out...


Trump HHS Chief Carson Drops EPIC Plan that will HELP MILLIONS!

Caterine DeCicco for the Western, In December, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson announced the establishment of EnVision Centers, an initiative aimed at aiding “HUD-assisted households” as they seek to “achieve self-sufficiency.”...