Nigel Farage Slams Supposedly-Austere EU For Bribing Croatia To Join The ‘Bent, Corrupt, And Distorted’ Party

by ZH

As the central bankers and political leaders of the ‘supposedly-developed’ world sit back in their chaise-longues sipping mojitos at a job-well-done for today’s mindless rally on the back of a slightly lower cost of funds in a facility that already existed but was hardly utilized, perhaps they will cough a little at Nigel Farage‘s  (the cantankerously correct MEP from The UK) comments today. Describingthe process of ‘bribing’ Croatia to join [...]



1.  Goldman Sachs will again be the most hated institution in the world today, releasing news about the millions of dollars they have made making invisible products that no one but oligarchs care about…as the shares fall because trading sucks…duh!  Who would trade this market?

2.  Banks shares all over the market will hiss and leak and sink…because they are not priced to represent any sort [...]