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Bitcoin Drops >1,000 (A Hindenburg Omen Moment?)

by Anthony B Sanders The crypto-currency Bitcoin just plunged over 1,000! The NYA seems to be experiencing a Hindenburg Omen moment of its own. But the correction/plunge in Bitcoin is clearly larger than the...


In an interview with Qatari TV Wednesday, bin Jaber al-Thani revealed that his country, alongside Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United States, began shipping weapons to jihadists from the very moment events “first started” (in 2011).

A television interview of a top Qatari official confessing the truth behind the origins of the war in Syria is going viral across Arabic social media during the same week a leaked top secret...


The moment Sarah Huckabee destroyed the fake media

Sarah Sanders Explodes On Reporters Over Fake Russia Collusion Stories About Trump Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers A White House Press Conference From The White House Press Briefing News this is donald trump live news...