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Another “Doomsday Moment”… Yield-Starved Investors Giving In to the Demands of Bond Sellers… Margin Debt Continues To Provide Tailwind For Stocks.

Another “Doomsday Moment” for High-Yield Strategies Felsenheimer, a high-yield and distressed portfolio manager with XAIA Investments, began by warning that his presentation, “The Devil in Disguise,” would be pessimistic. Then he made a strong...


The Pentagon cannot say where 44,000 troops are at this moment – NO JOKE!

https://www.stripes.com/report-44-000-un…d-1.501292 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-09/dude-wheres-my-troops-pentagon-loses-track-44000-soldiers “The U. S. military has more than 44,000 troops across the globe that the Pentagon claims it cannot track, according to a recent report.” Article continues. That’s unsettling to say the least....


Bitcoin Drops >1,000 (A Hindenburg Omen Moment?)

by Anthony B Sanders The crypto-currency Bitcoin just plunged over 1,000! The NYA seems to be experiencing a Hindenburg Omen moment of its own. But the correction/plunge in Bitcoin is clearly larger than the...