The Fed’s Gold Is Being Audited… By The US Treasury

Zero Hedge Aug 3, 2012

When we started reading the LA Times article reporting that “the federal government has quietly been completing an audit of U.S. gold stored at the New York Fed” we couldn’t help but wonder when the gotcha moment would appear. It was about 15 paragraphs in that we stumbled upon what we were waiting for:

For Italy, It Is Game Theory Over

We discussed the use of Game Theory as a useful tool for analyzing Europe’s predicament in February and noted that it was far from optimal for any (peripheral or core) sovereign to pre-emptively ‘agree’ to austerity or Eurobonds respectively (even though that would make both better off). This Prisoner’s Dilemma left the ugly Nash-Equilibrium game swinging from a catastrophic

Greek Stock Market Soars On Speculation Tsipras Bluffing

Something amusing happened in today’s global capital markets: while European bond markets, especially in the periphery, are sliding following the Spanish downgrade and the Italian bond auction, one market has soared: that of Greece, which is up nearly double digits (not all that meaningful when you are at 20+ year lows), and whose bankrupt and deposit-free

Game Theory Over: Bank Of France’s Noyer Says Britain Should Be Downgraded, Not France

by ZH

To anyone who doubted that the gloves are now fully off between France and Britain, we bring you exhibit A: Speaking in an interview with local newspaper Le Telegramme de Brest to be published later on Thursday, Bank of France head and ECB member Christian Noyer said that a downgrade of France’s AAA credit rating

GMAC Boycotts Massachusetts, Will Halt State Mortgages In Retaliation For Lawsuit

by ZH

Following yesterday’s announcement that the state of Massachusetts would sue 5 mortgage lendersamong which the bailed out subprime failure formerly known as GMAC and now known by the much more idiot-friendly name “Ally”, the latter has decided to take matters into its own crazy hands and escalate matters by confronting the entire state of

Morgan Stanley: A slowdown in Chinese GDP growth to sub-5% for at least four quarters, driven by domestic factors, not external events.

by ZH

With tonight’s multi-year record CNY fixing and trillions being flushed at maintaining an arbitrary JPY line in the sand, it seems appropriate to re-consider how to hedge a China hard landing and what probabilities various asset classes are assigning to it occurring. While many are pointing to what seems an entirely capricious level

ALERT: China set to cut its USD reserves by roughly $2 trillions

by ZH

Following last week’s announcement by PBoC Governor Zhou (Where’s Waldo) Xiaochuan that the country’s excessive stockpile of USD reserves has to be urgently diversified, today we get a sense of just how big the upcoming Chinese defection from the “buy US debt” Nash equilibrium will be. Not surprisingly, China appears to be getting

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