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The Market Just Realized Two HUGE Problems

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Please Listen Carefully: This Is An Economic “Perfect Storm.” All Of Our Nine Scenarios End In Bad News For All Markets, Spell Danger For Your Future Income, Your Family’s Security. START PLANNING NOW.


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The long-term unemployed now make up 40 percent of all unemployed Americans, a post World War II record.

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A simple indicator constructed from readily available data is suggesting with great certainty that the US economy is already in a recession

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Stone McCarthy: “You Usually Don’t Get Three Straight Months Of Negative Results Unless You Are In A Recession”

With GDP, employment, industrial production and real personal income all well below pre-recession peaks, Congress begins its August break early, with no votes until September

Republican­s always assume that every Hispanic they see is illegal, when there are actually 38 million LEGAL Hispanic citizens and only 9 to 10 million Illegals

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Olli Rehn, piggybacking on all the recent nuclear hysteria, takes Mutual Assured Destruction to a whole new mushroom cloud level:

Fed Policy Blows, Spits Out Unemployment

I caught Austan Goolsbee the other day on Jon Stewart.

Didn’t get the memo? QE-Lite already here and QE2 on the way

August Annual Consumer Inflation: 1.1% (CPI-U), 8.5% (SGS)

There is no “standard” in the NBER’s determinations by their own admission.

Actually this crisis started in the 30’s and got worse each decade.

The rich paid less under Clinton due to the tax cut on capital gains that caused 50% of individual tax revenues to be from that source.

The grand global depresssion is like a fart that never goes away. I can already smell the stink