SARS-like virus MERS-CoV threatens globally with deadly results in the latest pandemic scare – What you need to protect yourself

Initial contact The New England Journal of Medicine reported in November 2012 on MERS-CoV, noting that initial symptoms mimic a mild respiratory flu.

Because researchers don’t know where the virus comes from, there is no clear way of identifying how it’s transmitted; however, they do know it can be passed from human to human.


ATTENTION: Here’s What Happens When You Get The New SARS-Like Virus MERS (Novel coronavirus)

The virus, previously dubbed the novel coronavirus (nCoV) and now called the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), is genetically similar to the notorious SARS virus that erupted in China and Hong Kong a decade ago.

Here is what happens when you get it:

There are still many things researchers don’t know about the new

STUDY: Smoking shortens life by 10+ years

Kicking the habit by age 40 reduces the excess risk of death by about 90%, new research finds.

People who smoke take at least 10 years off their life expectancy, a new study has found.

On the other hand, those who kick the habit before age 40 reduce the excess risk of death associated with

Mumps outbreak in the states involved 97 % vacinnated kids.

Food Freedom News,  6 December 2012

The New England Journal of Medicine has recently released conclusions to the media of a manufactured mumps outbreak of 2009 which occurred in New York City, two upstate New York counties, and one New Jersey County.

There were a total of 3,502 cases of salivary-gland swelling and other symptoms clinically compatible with mumps

Violates Agreement; Punishes Iran

In its latest act of blatant hypocrisy, the Obama administration has sanctioned Iran over internet and media censorship. The Administration’s pretentious concern for the Iranian peoples’ welfare is all the more offensive in light of the harsh, illegal, and life-threatening sanctions imposed on that nation, aptly described by The New England Journal of Medicine as

Non-Medical Vaccination Opt-Outs on the Rise

Dr. Heather Hawthorne ABC News September 19, 2012

[Editor’s note: Warning! Pro-vaccine propaganda ahead!]

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An increasing number of parents are getting state approval to allow their children to opt out of school-mandated

AIDS-like disease found in Asians in U.S. , trigger unknown

A mysterious new disease causes AIDS-like symptoms in Asians even though they are not infected with HIV, a research has found. The disease damages patients’ immune systems, but is not contagious.

The illness leaves patients unable to fight off germs. Some patients have died of overwhelming infections, including some Asians now living in the US,

CDC: Only One Drug Left To Treat Gonorrhea

I think a lack of energy complexity to support a panoply of health-related services, including research and cutting-edge or even just complex techniques, should make everyone more cautious about indulging in casual matters.

CDC Says That There’s Only One Drug Left to Treat Gonorrhea (August 14, 2012) “Six months after a warning was published in the

When the end is nigh, this is how we die: Chart compares data from past century to illustrate the most deadly diseases

In the year 1900, pneumonia and tuberculosis claimed scores of lives, more than any other cause of death.

Fast forward to 2010, those once-fatal diagnoses have been largely eradicated, allowing cancer and heart disease to become the top killers of mankind, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

The journal celebrated its 200th anniversary this

Doc Eifrig: Stop taking these supplements now

From Sean Goldsmith in the S&A Digest:

The U.S. government must be reading Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire…

After years of doctors touting the health benefits of mega doses of vitamin D and calcium supplements, a government advisory panel is warning older women against taking large doses of these supplements. The U.S. Preventative Task Force –

IVF treatment used to help infertile men become fathers ‘linked to birth defects’

Fertility treatment used to help infertile men become fathers can raise the risk of birth defects in babies, according to a new study.

Research on more than 300,000 babies found those born using Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) had a significantly higher risk of developing abnormalities than those conceived naturally.

Researchers linked a census of more

CDC warns of increase in Untreatable Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, is increasingly showing resistance to one of the last known effective antibiotic treatments, leading researchers from the Centers for Disease Control to “sound the alarm” about potentially untreatable forms of the disease.

“During the past three years, the wily gonococcus has become

JOLT: Brain Stimulation Provides Memory Boost

An electrical brain-stimulation technique used to treat Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain appears to enhance human memory as well, according to a tiny but intriguing new study that bolsters hope for one day developing a nondrug treatment for memory problems, including ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.

The new study, published in the New England Journal of

Media pushes ‘success’ of experimental GSK malaria vaccine while ignoring deadly side effects

Ethan A. Huff Natural News October 23, 2011

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is abuzz with excitement over GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) latest offering, a malaria trial vaccine that the company claims can cut the risk of clinical and severe malaria in children by 56 percent and 47 percent, respectively. But what GSK and the media are failing

‘Amazing’ therapy wipes out leukemia in study

AP Photo

NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists are reporting the first clear success with a new approach for treating leukemia – turning the patients’ own blood cells into assassins that hunt and destroy their cancer cells.

They’ve only done it in three patients so far, but the results were striking: Two appear cancer-free up

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