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by Jim Quinn Another Muzzie terrorist attack in NYC and CNN is focused on the really important news. How pathetic.   CNN Whines: Trump A Bully Tormenting Kids… Walks Back ANOTHER ‘Bombshell’… NETWORK GIVES...


Is Mueller Subpoena of Deutsche Bank Fake News?

by Thinker Multiple news outlets, citing an anonymous source or sources, reported that the scandal-ridden special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller issued a subpoena to Deutsche Bank AG for records regarding President Donald...


A growing economy is close to being end of the world for Dems, Nancy Pelosi described tax deal as “Armageddon,” “the end of the world.” Larry Summers said 10,000 people would die. Joy Behar’s joyful reaction to fake news. Dems & their pet media hold our president in absolute contempt.- Stuart Varney

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com The success of the president’s growth agenda has given the Democrats a big problem. If the economy is the key to next year’s elections, the left is in...