CNN: For the average American, all this couldn’t be happening at a worse time: Large home heating bills, smaller paychecks, looming budget cuts and skyrocketing gas prices… Gas prices rise 32 days straight, Increase 51 cents in 2 months.

Gas prices climb 30 cents a gallon: By this weekend, gasoline prices will likely be higher than they were a year ago at this time.

THE BIG GETAWAY! More travelers to hit the road this Memorial Day

US Expects Drivers to Pay 24 Cents More for Gallon of Gas this Summer

Gas prices still climbing, top $4 in 6 states

These 10 Cities Have The Cheapest Gas Prices In The US

FEBRUARY: Gas prices rise to $4 in Los Angeles… Record High For Month…

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Gas Prices May Soon Hit $4 a Gallon

The “$4.00 a gallon by May” has now been upped to $5 by year’s end, due to increasing demand from places like China and India that more than replaces the drop in demand from Europe and the US as their economies stall.

Top energy analyst: Get ready for a “wild” gasoline price spike, It’s going to be a chaotic spring, with huge price increases in some places…

Missing $4,155? It Went Into Your Gas Tank This Year

Gas prices might be headed to record highs in 2012, analysts say

Gas prices on the rise; top $4 in eight states

As gas prices hover near $4 a gallon, nearly 7 in 10 Americans say high gas prices hurt – USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Oil falls after Obama vows more drilling

Gas eats 9% of household budgets…National average: $3.99

Another Day Another New High: Ohio Gas Prices Hit Record High; W.Va. Also Tops $4 Gallon


Gas prices rise for 34th straight day

Oil tops $105 per barrel

PAPER: Gas prices headed toward $4 a gallon

Gas prices jump another 4 cents overnight

Gas pump prices jump 8 cents over weekend…

Gas prices surge 17 cents in a week

USA Today Report: If Libyan unrest spreads, gas could reach $5

Americans, When Are You Going To Get Mad?

$3.00 per gallon is COMING again!!! It’s like extortion; they know you have to drive.