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FLORIDA ELECTION FRAUD – 150,000 vote by mail absentee ballots opened and counted without Canvassing Board verification in Broward County, FL – “There is no way to go backward on that.” – Ballots opened in secrecy, public inspections limited to 30 minutes, no time to challenge ballots.

by basedOp Someone should get Pam Bondi and Ken Detzner on this. Pam Bondi is Florida Attorney General https://twitter.com/agpambondi https://twitter.com/pambondi Ken Detzner is Florida Secretary of State Detzner certifies election results for the state...


City just opened up a 4 million dollar storm shelter

The city of Mercedes opened a new, dome-shaped shelter Tuesday to protect residents during severe weather. Mercedes built the $4 million shelter with grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Texas Department...