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Clinton Campaign, DNC coordinated with organizations to incite violence at Trump events. New video of Zulema Rodriguez blocking traffic on Arizona Highway to Trump rally, then faking a medical crisis. FEC documents confirm Zulema paid by HILLARY FOR AMERICA, MOVEON.ORG, STAND UP FOR OHIO PAC

by basedOp Paid agitators pinned their violence and disruption on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. One of the female agitators listed below was paid $1640.24 by Hillary for America, just 11 days before the...


An email in the Wikileaks Podesta cache proves Super PAC ‘Priorities USA’ was not only coordinating with HRC campaign, but actually chaired by Podesta himself – in direct violation of FEC law.

https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/2202 MEMORANDUM To: John From: Sean RE: Framework Date: July 31, 2013 Sine Qua Non 1 – A board for Priorities USA Action SuperPAC that includes: You and Jim Messina as Chairs Capricia Marshall...


CORRUPTION! Hillary campaign is ILLEGALLY coordinating w/ her Super Pac! THIS IS A FELONY! When a U.S. Senator sends a letter to the Attorney General…it ends up in the hands of the Clinton Foundation SVP!

PUT HER IN JAIL, WE HAVE EVIDENCE NOW FROM WIKI LEAKS! HOLY CRAP! Hillary campaign is ILLEGALLY coordinating w/ her Super Pac THIS IS A FELONYpic.twitter.com/ThIM8k0BxZ#PodestaEmails #WikiLeaks — Boca Vista (@bocavista2016) October 8, 2016...