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Is the DNC paying The Pastorum Group PR Firm to represent Seth Rich’s family? And are they collaborating on the media responses?

The Pastorum Group is the Democrat public relations firm specializing in crisis management representing the Seth Rich family. https://www.idealist.org/en/consultant/17831f36e38c4b4098f96ecd68d114e5-the-pastorum-group-washington The question is, who is paying for all this representation of the Rich family? Is...


The Best & Worst Paying Jobs of America by State

by howmuch When choosing a career path, Americans often gravitate towards professions and locations that offer the highest pay. However, not all jobs or places offer the same benefits,as far as wages go. The...


DNC Workers Sue Democrat Party Over Slave Wages For Working 80-90 Hours Per Week At The Same Time DNC Was Out Protesting “$15/hour”, They Weren’t Even Paying Their Own Workers Minimum Wage!

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Democrats attacked the current federal minimum wage as a “starvation wage,” but according to a new lawsuit, they paid their own workers less than the amount currently mandated by...