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Peak Autos: Toyota And Nissan Execs Admit U.S. Auto Sales Have Peaked…. “It’s a peak and we don’t see a potential for further growth. Incentives are rapidly growing in the industry, and we are paying close attention to it.”

Despite record incentive spending, constantly loosening lending standards and endless cheer leading from the “Big 3” U.S.-based auto OEMs, senior executives from Toyota and Nissan are convinced that the U.S. auto market has peaked. ...


NFIB: Index peaked in late 2014, margin squeeze, all categories either lower or flat.

https://twitter.com/DonDraperClone/status/707172906845999104   US NFIB Small Business Optimism Feb: 92.9 (est 94.0; prev 93.9) — Livesquawk (@livesquawk) March 8, 2016 https://twitter.com/DonDraperClone/status/707246095831801856 https://twitter.com/DonDraperClone/status/707172436689723392 https://twitter.com/DonDraperClone/status/707233626971377668