…. And the Bounce. Wall St Switches Gears to War Time

America quickly shifting to a war economy, anybody surprised?

PPT TO THE RESCUE: 24 .5 handle sell off and a over 20 handle back up to the opening range

Investopedia explains ‘Plunge Protection Team – PPT’

“Plunge Protection Team” was the nickname given to the Working Group byThe Washington Post in 1997. The

Inflation Gauge Breaking Out, Fed Goes Bust, U.S. 10 Year Bond Rates Exploding, Preparing For War And Economy Collapse

The stock market has been down for days now, the plunge protection team and the high frequency traders have been trying to prop up the market but has not been successful. The FED has been talking about tapering, all signs looks like they are tapering as the market is falling. To push the market

Top government insider admits major inflation could be coming

From Economic Policy Journal:

As I have mentioned many times before, Philippa Malmgren is an insider’s insider.

She was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. She was also a member of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, aka, the Plunge Protection Team.

Her client list includes every

Doug Casey takes on the most controversial gold topic in the world

From Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research:

For many years now, a meme has been floating around that the prices of gold and silver are being manipulated, which is to say suppressed, by various powers of darkness. This is not an unreasonable assertion. After all, the last thing the monetary powers-that-be want is to see is

This is What I’m Doing with My Own Money Right Now – John Embry



With the Dow now at its highest level since December of 2007, today King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management.  Embry told KWN “This is totally unrealistic and unsustainable.”  Embry also discussed gold and the mining shares, and what he is doing with

David Callaway: Plunge protection team hedging on Greece

By David Callaway, MarketWatch

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — At some point, the world’s major central banks are going to turn off the three-year spigot of free money supporting much of the world’s economic and market gains these days.

Just not right before a key Greek debt swap on Thursday that could ignite the

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature For Long: Financial Markets

by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature For Long: Financial Markets

Constant State and Central Bank intervention and manipulation is not the foundation of a free, transparent market–it is perception management in service of Elite control and looting.

You can fool Mother Nature for awhile, but not over the long-term. That’s

Euro insider: European bank holiday could be coming soon

From Economic Policy Journal:

Dr. Pippa Malmgren has just posted on her web site her latest analysis of the eurozone crisis. I will point out, again, what I have pointed out in the past. They don’t get more insider than Malmgren.

She served as financial market advisor in the White House and on the National

John Embry – Silver is Completely Flushed out to the Downside

With stocks continuing to struggle and the gold holding near the $1,620 area, today King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management.  When asked about the action in gold and stocks, Embry responded, “I think a lot of it relates to what’s happening in the stock

Scroll though zerohedge

Zerohedge link

Their headlines:

One Ounce Of Religious Non-Money Tradition = $1700

So Much For QE2: The Market Indexed For Dollar Devaluation Is Now Back To Jackson Hole Levels

China Enters Bear Market

The Farce Is (Again) Complete: Former Obama Budget Chief Orszag Says Official Economic Projections “Too Optimistic”

Why The ECB’s Monetization Is Doomed

Highlights From G-7 Statement Which Basically Says That The Plunge Protection Team Just Went Global

by ZH

Highlights from the just released G-7 statement:

G7 Says Will Take Every Action to Stabilize Financial Markets G7 says it will commit to secure liquidity in market G7 will cooperate closely on currency market actions G7 says it will be in close contact next few weeks G7 says disorderly moves in markets hurt

The EU is going to do some QE of their own

by ZH

There is only one section of the proposed European Bailout draft statement that is relevant to traders: Section 7, bullet 3 which says: “To improve the effectiveness of the EFSF and address contagion, we agree to increase the flexibility of the EFSF, allowing it to intervene in the secondary markets on the basis

January FOMC Minutes:

by ZH

Key Highlights:

2011 GDP increases from 3.0-3.6% to 3.4% -3.9% 2011 Unemployment rate declines from 8.9-9.1% to 8.8-9.0% 2011 PCE Inflation increases 1.1-1.7% to 1.3-1.7%

On labor: “Overall, meeting participants continued to express disappointment in both the pace and the unevenness of the improvements in labor markets and noted that they would monitor

IF you don’t believe the text below, then follow the two links at the bottom, especially the one with the word “pomo” in the link!

by Zebra

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) 09/28/10 — The Federal Reserve Bank of New York purchased $550 million in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities on Tuesday, part of officials’ pledge to reinvest cash from maturing mortgage-backed securities and housing agency debt back into the bond market to support the economic recovery. Dealers offered to sell the Fed

A small dip between mid-September to mid-October and a “catastrophic” collapse in March 2011

This guy isn’t overly bearish, just realistic.

Via BI:

Cazenove Capital Management’s Robin Griffith sounded incredibly bearish on a radio interview with King World News.

He even thinks the September Effect will be validated — because the real negative historical trend lasts from mid-September to mid-October.

The collapse in the next few weeks will be

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