Police Car Runs Over Man During Chase – Dash Cam Released by Family

Wow crazy video. Killed the man.


Florida police face lawsuit over unwarranted brutality

Last month, Tallahassee, Fla. police arrested 44-year-old Christina West for allegedly driving drunk after she crashed her SUV into a house with three foreign-exchange students in the backseat. The arrest quickly turned violent, however, with West suffering a broken cheekbone, among other injuries. Since the arrest, West has had two surgeries to repair the

SPOTTED: In China, Police Drive Porsche Cayennes

A while back, we spotted cops in Paris getting around the city using rollerblades. It seems that Chinese police have more style.

In Yanji, in northeast China near North Korea, at least one police car is a Porsche Cayenne. This photo was posted on Car News China, which shared it with us.

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Yeah we killed your son with our cop car… so here’s a bill for the damaged car

Tamon Robinson’s Mother, Laverne Dobbinson, Owes NYPD $710 For Damages To Police Car That Killed Son

In April 2012, Tamon Robinson was struck and killed by an NYPD police car after Robinson was allegedly caught stealing cobblestones from a public housing complex.

Six months later, Robinson’s mother says the city is ordering the family

POLICE shoot unarmed men in car 33 times

VALLEJO, Calif. —

Vallejo police officers shot two men sitting in a car early Sunday morning, killing one of them, after a gun was reportedly spotted inside the vehicle, according to a Vallejo police seargent.

Around 4 a.m., two officers on patrol approached the two men, who were seen sitting in a car near the

LAPD beats Deutsche Bank Managing Director to a PULP

A powerful honcho at Deutsche Bank is suing the LAPD and the City of L.A. for millions of dollars — we’re told up to $100 mil — for allegedly being forced into a motel room by cops and then beaten to a pulp.

Brian Mulligan, the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications

COPS: Nude Teen On LSD Attacks Police Car, Breaks Windshield With Fists

WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ/AP) – A 17-year-old boy was arrested after police found him lying completely naked in the middle of a street while apparently high on LSD. Police said the boy also jumped on the hood of their patrol car and broke out the windshield with his fists.

Woman who survived Dark Knight massacre goes into labor as her husband fights for life in the same hospital

Caleb and Katie Medley went to film as final date night before birth of son Caleb shot in head and has lost eye and suffered some brain damage Remained in critical condition as wife gave birth to first child on Monday

A woman who survived the Dark Knight shooting was giving birth while her

Gangster ride: Capone’s Cadillac complete with steel armour and bulletproof glass and painted like an old Chicago police car go on sale for $500,000

Steel armour weighing 3,000lbs and bulletproof windows to protect prohibition mob king 1928 Cadillac painted to mirror those driven by contemporary Chicago police and the city’s official Windows especially designed for exchanging fire with pursuers and protects it’s precious cargo

The bulletproof armoured car that kept Al Capone safe from his enemies is up

Horror as woman, 20, kills herself inside POLICE CAR after grabbing officer’s gun and shooting herself in the head

A mentally ill Missouri woman committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with a police officer’s gun while getting a ride to a local hospital in a squad car on Wednesday.

The St. Louis County Police Department said Stephanie Hicks, 20, got into a struggle with an Alton police officer over his weapon.


Fears of grisly drug-fueled violence grip Miami

MIAMI – Miami area police on Wednesday issued a warning about violent homeless men after one threatened to eat two officers, amid fears about a powerful drug also linked to a grisly face-eating attack in the city.

Brandon De Leon was taken into custody in the US city of North Miami Beach on Saturday after

‘Cremate me with my kids’: Chilling last text of crazed mother who ‘shot dead her FOUR children before turning the gun on herself’

Tanya Thomas, 33, called her children into the house and then shot them dead Texted a friend during the night to say she wanted to be cremated with her kids Family members were known for being ‘hoodlums’ in the neighbourhood Former police officer says domestic violence was likely involved She called cops in April

Cop Accused of Beating Unarmed Teen Says “I Was Afraid”


Do you remember the Chad Holley case in Houston?

You know, the one where the 15-year-old kid was out skipping school with friends and decided it was a good idea to break into a house? Same one where police saw the kids and chased them down. Same one where

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