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Zuckerman: Economic Programs Have Failed


April 20, 2012 RSS Feed Print

America has long been a country where almost everyone, including the poor and unskilled, could get a job. Given the will to do a reasonable day’s work, a job was a passport to economic and social well-being; it was the fount of self-esteem and the foundation of family life. Indeed, work was Life.

More than 15 million Americans no longer have that passport to Life. Think of […]

The Real Face of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve
April 7, 2012

Here is how the establishment media portrays the bankster minion Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke:

They expect us to believe he is a “hero” who saved the global economy when the exact opposite is the case. Bernanke and the Federal Reserve rigged an already rigged system of fiat paper money manipulated by the bankers. The monetary policies of the Fed created the economic environment that led to the slow motion Greatest […]

3 Democratic Super PACs joining forces for ‘SUPER SUPER PAC’


March 12, 2012 RSS Feed Print

The uncharted waters of Super PACs just became a bit murkier.

President Barack Obama’s Priorities USA Action, along with the Democratic Senate’s Super PAC, Majority PAC, and the Democratic House Majority PAC are combining to form the country’s first-ever joint fundraising Super PAC — Unity 2012.[See the latest political cartoons.]

An FEC official told Whispers that there aren’t any regulations prohibiting this kind of fundraising, but confirmed this is unprecedented; it’s […]


As the recession continues onward, House Republicans are worried that those receiving welfare payments may be having a bit too good of a time.

The chamber will again vote Wednesday on a bill which would ensure that electronic withdrawals of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families dollars aren’t allowed to be withdrawn from ATMs at strip clubs, casinos or liquor stores. TANF replaced national welfare programs after the welfare reforms of 1996.

The […]

Jon Huntsman goes unrecognized 9 blocks from White House

(USN News) Iowa and New Hampshire are a long way from the White House, but for GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, a Trader Joe’s just nine blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t any closer.

(Photo: Washington D.C. Metblogs)

A clerk at the popular and affordable grocery store at 25th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW says that Huntsman, normally accompanied by one of his daughters, makes a regular pit stop on Fridays when he returns home to Washington. But, […]