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The ECB faces the problem of what to do next?

by Shaun Richards Later this month ECB President Mario Draghi will talk at the Jackson Hole monetary conference with speculation suggesting he will hint at the next moves of the ECB ( European Central...


Problem: Economic collapse – Reaction: Mobilize Soros Rioters – Solution: Martial Law, Trump never regains executive powers

Remember this story from a few years back: U.S MILITARY 'QUIETLY GRABS POWER ON AUTHORITY OVER CIVIL DISTURBANCES, CIRCUMVENTS POTUS' http://t.co/BEu7snrK2l (h/t @MsEntropy) — Gregor Peter (@L0gg0l) May 16, 2013 https://www.longislandpress.com/2013/05/14/u-s-military-power-grab-goes-into-effect/ Pentagon Unilaterally Grants...


California, you have a serious problem

I left this State 20 years ago to work abroad and make my way through some other states. I’m back visiting and things have gotten really bad. I have never seen more homeless people....