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What’s Truly Progressive?

by Charles Hugh-Smith What’s progressive? Pushing power, agency, skills, capital and solutions down to the individual, household, community, enterprise, town and city levels and focusing on doing more with much less. We know what...


Recovering America’s History of Progressive Populism

by Charles Hugh-Smith  The elites’ toadies, lackeys, shills, sycophants, water-carriers and apologists are desperately hyping the context-free, historically ignorant narrative that “populism leads to autocracy” to protect the existing autocracy of the elites. There...


Outrageous! CNN Calls Shariah Law ‘Progressive’

CNN political commentator and columnist Sally Kohn received immediate backlash on Twitter Tuesday after she posted a controversial tweet about Islamic law. Hey @realDonaldTrump, many *progressive Muslims* — the ones we should support in...