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London is the top city for millionaire chief executives – Nearly three per cent of top bosses who are worth more than six figures live in the British capital, putting it above New York, Singapore and Los Angeles. – London is the NWO capital

dailymail.co.uk reports: Nearly three per cent of all the world’s millionaire CEOs live in the UK capital The results are due to the number of global companies with headquarters in UK  It is trailed...


Don’t forget: Kanye West, in front of thousands of screaming fans, said: “I’m putting my life, my career, my public well standing, at risk when I talk to y’all like this. This is a moment in the matrix bruh… Google LIED TO YOU. Facebook LIED TO YOU. Radio LIED TO YOU.”

24 hours later, he was thrown in a mental hospital against his will. He was kept there for over a week while the press slammed him with fake stories and rumors. He’s since been suffering...