Stock Market SELL OFF -186!!! – The Bernanke Rally Is Already Collapsing! (BIG BOYS GETTING OUT)

If you thought gold was bad, look at silver – down 5.7%

Gold And Silver Battered By Bullard’s Bernanke Rebuttal

Ben Bernanke Continues To Crush It As Most Hedge Funds Underperform: Complete Hedge Fund Performance Update

The Bernanke rally is already collapsing

Stocks Fall: Here’s What You Need To Know

First comment from there:

Given the rally on Bernanke’s comments on Wednesday and the […]

As The Crisis Deepens, Gold Flows East – Epilogue

by GoldCore

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,323.75, EUR 999.20 and GBP 870.29 per ounce.

Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,331.50, EUR 1,002.79 and GBP 875.35 per ounce.

Gold fell $3.50 or 0.26% yesterday and closed at $1,322.80/oz. Silver gained $0.10 or 0.51% and closed at $19.72.

Gold rose in early Asian trading, then fell back to lose some of its early gains in anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s statement. The statement, […]

BREAKING: UK Met Office to Hold Emergency Summit – Climate Catastrophe about to be Unleashed on The Effects Of Contrails & Global Dimming

In the early 21st century, it’s become clear that air pollution can significantly reduce the amount of sunlight reaching Earth.

Evidence of the previously unknown phenomenon of Global Dimming, one that scientists believe could dramatically alter global temperatures

Climate scientists have discovered a phenomenon that threatens to disrupt our world. It may already have contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands through drought and famine.

Unchecked, it will strike […]



Russian Market‏@russian_market7 h Schäuble criticizes ECB’s work and calls it “undercovered state-financing” – Spiegel

Russian Market‏@russian_market7 h Germany expects further recession in Eurozone in the next months: “many important problems in Eurozone still not solved” – Bundesregierung


Schaeuble wants to phase in banking union in two steps while amending the EU Treaty, an arduous process. Apparently Asmussen wants […]

Marco Rubio’s awkward reach for bottle of water during GOP response to State of the Union sets Twitter ablaze

Senator Marco Rubio appeared to wipe away sweat during his rebuttal from the Speaker’s conference room in the U.S. Capitol following the President’s State of the Union speech.

At one point, he reached out with his left hand and took a small swig from a Poland Spring water bottle. As the incident generated heavy attention on Twitter, Rubio later tweeted a photo of the water bottle.

He delivered the […]

Krugman & Bernanke Go Quantitative Easing

Completely useless entertainment.  Is that the London Whale?

From the Bible of Paul Krugman:

“Print money.  If it works, I was right.  If it doesn’t work, it wasn’t big enough.”

Here’s Krugman’s latest column:

Hating on Ben Bernanke

COMEDY: Bernanke’s QE3 Rebuttal

Ctrl-P in the house.

Just for a mindless laugh.  Profanity warning.  Created by William Banzai.




“Is there anyone not borrowing today or purchasing a house because interest rates aren’t low enough,” asks KC Fed President Esther George, casting her doubt over the need for more Fed intervention.

Esther George, Kansas City’s voice at the Federal Reserve in Washington, sampled barbecue with a business crowd Wednesday and feasted on their views and concerns about the economy.

After all, she told her audience, they’re the ones “who really know what’s going on.”

And then, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City delivered a stinging rebuttal to the mounting expectations that the Fed should do more to […]

Iran at a Crossroads. Time to Get Serious

Editor’s Note: In Foreign Policy Magazine, which is a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard professor Stephen Walt writes that he thinks the media is irresponsibly promoting the idea of a war with Iran over the non-existent threat posed by their nuclear weapons program. This article is a rebuttal to Stephen Walt’s March 2012 piece that appeared in Foreign Policy Magazine.

In responding to Professor Walt’s many different […]

Rogers: “Volume Is Not Going To Come Back. We’ve Had A Great 30 Years. That’s Finished!”

Jim Rogers is hedging his gold (and silver) positions reflecting that this is normal, following such a tremendous run, and that this is good for the precious metal in the long-run. In his discussion with Maria Bartiromo this afternoon, he notes India’s anti-gold ‘protectionism’ (and its potential balance of payments issues) that are trying to force the hoarding into risky ‘productive’ assets (as others might say). The immutable commodity maven suggests […]

If Japan Is Broke, How Is It Bailing Out Europe?

If Japan Is Broke, How Is It Bailing Out Europe? – It is interesting to note that as the International Monetary Fund wound down its semi-annual meeting in Washington yesterday, the Japanese government emerged as by far the largest single non-eurozone contributor to the latest  euro rescue effort.  Yes, this is the same government that has been going round pretending to be bankrupt (or at least offering no serious rebuttal when benighted American and […]

Romney gives speech on Obama’s failed economic policies in a factory that closed during Bush’s presidency

Mitt Romney used a shuttered drywall plant in Ohio as a backdrop for his message that President Obama has failed to create jobs, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

The only problem: The plant closed four years ago during President George W. Bush’s administration.…

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nearly four years after National Gypsum shuttered its drywall plant in Lorain, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will reuse the facility on Henderson Drive as […]

“He wants us to trust that a 400-ml bottle of liquid is dangerous, but transferring it to four 100-ml bottles magically makes it safe. He wants us to trust the no-fly list: 21,000 people so dangerous they’re not allowed to fly, yet so innocent they can’t be arrested.” -Bruce Schneier debates the TSA

April 15, 2012

by Bruce Schneier Chief Security Technology Officer, BT

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