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Reminder that Reddit censored my own comment in my own post on major FBI corruption story.

by TFittonJW My semi-regular reminder of Reddit censorship of Judicial Watch’s anti-corruption work. Here’s my original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/7jl9qg/vindication_text_messages_show_fbi_2_andy_mccabe/ Incredibly, Reddit somehow censored my follow up comment with all sorts of background info. on FBI/DOJ anti-Trump/pro-Clinton...



by Tom Fitton Here’s my original post on McCabe: VINDICATION: Text messages show FBI #2 Andy McCabe in a conspiracy meeting talking about "insurance" against Donald Trump winning. He is also in major conflict of...


Facebook knows who we are. Google knows what we think. Amazon knows what we buy. P0rnhub knows what we desire. Reddit knows what we believe. Anyone with access to the user data for just these 5 sites would have the majority of us categorized in seconds.

by SixVISix Just sketching on napkins…thinking out loud or whatever… Privacy fears are useless. The war is over. It’s been over since before we knew there was a war. The ominous “they” . They have...