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Sen. Mike Lee Blames Congress for Not Enacting Trumps Agenda: “If you have Republican members of Congress claiming that it’s the president’s fault somehow that we’re not passing Obamacare repeal, that we’re not passing tax reform yet, I think they need to look in the mirror”

GOP swamp creatures need out, out, out!   If former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week is anything like memo leaked after his firing, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah,...


Top economist: Why Trump’s tax reform makes sense

From Tyler Cowen via Bloomberg: The Trump administration announced Wednesday its intent to proceed with a radical cut to the corporate income tax, lowering it to 15%. We haven’t been presented with enough details...


Trump Keeps His Pledge on Tax Reform

by Martin Armstrong A lot of emails are coming in asking if I have been advising Trump on the taxes since this is similar to the plan I proposed when I testified before Congress....