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Asian economies turn to yuan – now seven out of 10 economies in the region — including South Korea, Indonesia,Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand — track the renminbi more closely than they do the USdollar.

A “renminbi bloc” has been formed in East Asia, as nations in the region abandon the US dollarand peg their currency to the Chinese yuan — a major signal of China’s successful bid tointernationalize its currency, a research report has said.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics, or PIIE, said in its latest research that Chinahas moved closer to its long-term goal for the renminbi to become a global reserve currency.

Since [...]

Lindsey Williams ~ Impending Financial Collapse

Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty 10-06-12 – Impending Financial Collapse here are some key point : the most significant day in the history of the American dollar since its inception was Thursday September the 6th during the democratic convention that was the day when China announced that any country in the world that wishes to can use the Chinese currency the Renminbi to trade crude oil , the next day September [...]

Germany announces they will be settling trades bilaterally with China in the Yuan and Euro. Petro dollar takes another big hit.

Comments on this starts at about 9:00

Quote from article:
China is actively taking steps to phase out the US dollar which will decrease volatility in oil and commodity prices and deride the ‘exorbitant privilege’ the USA commands as the issuer of the reserve currency at the centre of a post-war international financial architecture which is now failing.

In 1971, U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connally said, “It’s our currency and your problem”.

China is [...]

Will The Chinese Renminbi Replace The U.S. Dollar As The Primary Reserve Currency Of The World?

by Michael

Most Americans have no idea what a tremendous advantage the United States possesses by having the primary reserve currency of the world, and most Americans also have no idea how close the U.S. dollar is to losing that status.  For the past 40 years, the vast majority of all global trade (including the buying and selling of oil) has been done in U.S. dollars.  That is still the case [...]

Breaking News!! China Is Running Out Of Money

From Forbes:

China Is Running Out Of Money. Why has the economy so far failed to respond? There are various reasons, but perhaps the most important is that the country is running out of money for stimulus.

At first glance, that proposition seems preposterous. After all, the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, held $3.24 trillion of foreign currency reserves at the end of the first half of this year. Yet [...]