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413 page report from .gov website, Congress’s Special Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood finds horrifying information and criminal activity. CAUTION, THIS IS A VERY SICKENING REPORT TO READ.

by gregorio74   Special Investigative Panel Report on Planned Parenthood investigation released recently on government website. This is a shocking and truly horrifying document. We can’t let this get swept under the table. The only...


Fusion GPS – The firm that came up with the Fake Trump report is also the firm that claimed the Planned Parenthood Videos were Deceptively Edited

Fusion GPS is named in this New York Times article as being the opposition firm that was hired to compile the dossier on Trump: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/11/us/politics/donald-trump-russia-intelligence.html A quick google search for Fusion GPS brought me...