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San Diego Hepatitis – Worst In Decades

San Diego hepatitis A outbreak became the worst the U.S. has seen in decades Experts say San Diego took all the right steps in addressing what is now one of the largest hepatitis A outbreaks the...


Ben Garrison – ‘San Juan Whiner’

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz accused Trump of ‘poor leadership.’ She complained about a lack of aid to her hurricane-swept country of Puerto Rico as she stood in front of palettes of aid....


Obama encouraged illegals to vote. Amherst & Cambridge MA, San Fran are going to allow illegals to vote in local elections. Dems encourage foreigners vote yet they are paranoid about foreign influence on our elections? How much hypocrisy can we stand for?

Obama Encourages Illegal Immigrants To Vote   IMMIGRANTS ARE GETTING THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN CITIES ACROSS AMERICA A Maryland city voted Tuesday night to enfranchise noncitizens, the latest in a growing effort to...