WTF? 9-Year-Old Who Changed School Lunches Silenced By Politicians (Wired)

For the past two months, one of my favorite reads has been Never Seconds, a blog started by 9-year-old Martha Payne of western Scotland to document the unappealing, non-nutritious lunches she was being served in her public primary school. Payne, whose mother is a doctor and father has a small farming property, started blogging in early

Back for seconds: School dinner blog gets a million hits as nine-year-old author is inundated with global meal pictures

Martha Payne began adding daily photos of school lunches to own blog site Pupils from America to Taiwan, Spain and Japan have now sent in photos Jamie Oliver is a fan and wrote to her encouraging her to ‘keep it up’

A schoolgirl who sparked an outcry over nutrition by posting pictures of her

Chicken Nuggets Teacher in North Carolina Breaks Down in Tears and Resigns

(RAEFORD) – The pre-K teacher involved in the “chicken nuggets” incident in Hoke County changed her version of what happened after undergoing three separate interrogations. Margaret Maynor was brought to tears in the third session. She submitted her resignation soon after.

In a highly unusual move, the Hoke County School System released documents from the

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