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SETUP! Holt asked 15 exclusive questions to Trump, 2 to Hillary. NO questions about Clinton’s emails, NO questions about the Clinton Foundation, NO questions about Bengazi, the murders, the scandals, the corruption, the payoffs… but 20 minutes of Trumps tax returns being a threat to the nation?!

https://i.sli.mg/mCjGC9 Trump was asked 15 exclusive questions. Clinton asked 2. Trump was essentially a solo fighter in a tag team.#TrumpWon — Shane (@ShaneRegated) September 27, 2016   NO questions about Clinton’s emails, NO questions...


Presidential Debate moderators: a total setup.

Not one straight Christian white male will be a moderator. Protestants? LOL are you kidding me? Check this out First presidential debate: Lester Holt, blackish communist raised in Marin County. Hippie Commie, druggie dumb...