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How to Shield Yourself From Housing Bubble 2.0

by Rodney Johnson Waiting out Bubble 1.0 I moved to Florida in 2005, just before the housing bubble peaked. Believing that prices couldn’t remain high, we bought a smaller home than we otherwise would have. Renting...


Elite In Full Panic Mode: AOL News, CNN, Facebook, Democrats and Republicans Go On Full-Fledged Anti-Trump Freak-Out! The Onslaught Of Media Attacks Against Trump Are Veering Into Bizzarro Land As They Continue To Shield Their Presumptive Empress From Any Criticism.

If the criminal Powers That Be are so desperate to defeat Trump then Trump is the only choice. CLINT EASTWOOD: DEMS EXPLOITED ‘POOR SLOB’ KHAN http://www.tmz.com/2016/08/04/clint-eastwood-kahn-family-democrats-trump/ Early this morning I happened to be on...