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The Kennedy assassination that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, because the press doesn’t want you to know he was an MKULTRA victim: Bobby Kennedy assassin still claims he was ‘victim of mind control and his gun didn’t fire fatal shot’ in new appeal after parole is denied

Sirhan Sirhan was convicted in 1969 for the June 5, 1968 killing of Senator Robert F Kennedy in Los Angeles Has repeatedly been denied parole since 1983 His lawyers say he was hypno-programmed and...


Definitive proof the windshield of JFK’s presidential limo has been replaced to cover up a shot from the front

Here is the link to the windshield on display at the National Archives: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/bullet-strike-scars-the-windshield-of-the-presidential-news-photo/576877618?#bullet-strike-scars-the-windshield-of-the-presidential-limousine-picture-id576877618 Here is the link within the National Archives gallery of the windshield as it was presented to the Warren Commission Exhibit...