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5 People Shot in Broad Daylight in Chicago

As many as five people were shot, at least one of them fatally, on Chicago’s West Side in the middle of the afternoon Friday, according to police. The shooting took place just after 1:30...


A day after fake news criticizes Trump’s comments on Sweden. A riot in “Little Moghadishu” Rinkeby Sweden occurs! Cop fires warning shot. 7-8 cars on fire!

IT’S HAPPENING: Riots in Rinkeby, Sweden — police shot warning shots JUST NU: Upplopp i Rinkeby – polisen sköt varningsskott https://t.co/EMvoM73J75 pic.twitter.com/zATZKV8s9m — SVT Stockholm (@svtstockholm) February 20, 2017   Police fired warning shots...