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A Silver Lining To The Tech Wreck?

by Dana Lyons Despite Friday’s rout in the Nasdaq, breadth was actually positive on the exchange. Friday’s sharp “crash-lite” in tech and momentum stocks was certainly a shocker to many investors, particularly those newcomers to...


Silver and NASDAQ Strength Will Reverse

by Gary Christenson Bubbles come and go. Silver and gold – 1980 Japanese Nikkei – 1990 NASDAQ – 2000 Mortgages and Real Estate – 2006 Bonds, Debt, Stocks, Real Estate – 2017 Examine the...


Arizona Ends Income Tax on Gold & Silver

by Gary Christenson **For immediate release** Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Greenlights House Bill 2014, Removing Income Tax from Certain Precious Metals at the State Level Phoenix, Arizona (May 23rd, 2017) – Sound money advocates...