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Putin talks about the US overriding the UN in Belgrade and throughout the Middle East, and then explains that that is one reason why Russia acts to protect its own interests in Syria and elsewhere – “There is no other option. We have to fight. If we let things slide, we will always lose.”

September 11, 2011 “Good deaths in Mosul, bad deaths in Aleppo” – is how Western mainstream media spins anti-Russian propaganda in Syria. Why is this happening? Because Russia is destroying billions of dollars worth...


DO NOT LET THIS SLIDE – HILLARY’S NBC POLL (that has her +11 points ahead) WAS CONDUCTED BY ONE OF HER SUPERPACS… NYC Democratic Election Commissioner: “It’s absurd. There is a lot of fraud…”

  Correct the Record’s staff (18 and counting) is crammed into a newsroom-style bullpen in the back corner of the offices of American Bridge 21st Century, Brock’s Super-PAC. “They’re always there; they’re always working...