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Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

MP3: http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/3806/for… Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneu… Question: “I am a former Antifa-style anarchist. In 2011, I was part of the Occupy movement, but in 2016 I voted for Trump after a long and difficult intellectual journey from radical...


Ron Paul Institute Questions Why Is It A “Conspiracy Theory” To Think That Seth Rich Gave Wikileaks The DNC Emails, But Not The Same To Think The Emails Were Provided By Russia? Plus, Seth Rich Speaks On Video.

by Pamela Williams Ron Paul has an article on his site written by Mike Whitney entitled SETH RICH, CRAIG MURRAY AND THE SINISTER STEWARDS OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.  It is an excellent read, being...