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The Independent is spreading Fake News

All mainstream British media is disgustingly deceptive and divisive and they’re all the more dangerous for having not yet shaken this perception that they’re still somehow trustworthy.   BBC covered up jimmy savile being...


Over 57,000 Ransomware Cyberattacks By Hackers Using NSA Exploit Reported In 74 Countries, Virus Still Spreading Aggressively

UPDATE’S: Info About WanaCrypt0r 2.0 & Leaked NSA Exploit: https://blog.avast.com/ransomware-that-infected-telefonica-and-nhs-hospitals-is-spreading-aggressively-with-over-50000-attacks-so-far-today Edward Snowden: “Whoa: @NSAGov decision to build attack tools targeting US software now threatens the lives of hospital patients. Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous...