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Trump Rally Starting To Thin Out

by Dana Lyons Despite the recent string of Nasdaq new highs, more stocks have been declining than advancing. One of the hallmarks of the post-election “Trump Rally” in stocks has been the fairly broad participation. With...


Swedish towns told to ‘make preparations regarding the threat of war and conflict’ with Russia. What the MSM isn’t reporting on, as usual. We’re on the brink of TPTB starting WW3, and this is just on the backburner?

Adding to the seemingly endless flurry of moves anticipating a full-scale world war centering on the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s Civil Contingency Agency has sent letters to every town and village in the country advising...


Europe Starting to Break Apart

by Martin Armstrong You can tell that Europe is breaking apart because the EU has gone too far. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned against attempts to undermine or dissolve the European Union. “Those who...