Apia Samoa complete devasted from huge surge of Cyclone Evan!!! Two deaths now…A TROPICAL CYCLONE ALERT IS NOW FOR NIUAFO’OU IN TONGA

Ryan Maue @RyanMaue 3h News out of Apia Samoa (not American Samoa) suggest complete devastation from huge surge of Cyclone Evan (04P).



Two children are believed to be the first fatalities of a savage cyclone that has hit Samoa.

The small but powerful Cyclone Evan has battered the country, inflicting a severe ocean surge on the capital Apia. The city has been largely evacuated due to massive damage.


Something Big Is Coming Up: The Hong Kong Fear Index Is Getting Extreme!!!

Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) — Options traders are charging the biggest premium since March to protect against losses in Chinese companies on signs that a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy is worse than economists estimated.


The AlphaShares Chinese Volatility Index, derived from options on companies listed in Hong Kong, traded at a premium of as much as 41 percent over the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index last week, […]

Obama/Bin Laden 2012: Re-Elect the Stoic, Heroic Killer

Infowars.com April 29, 2012

Without a doubt, Barack Obama is gearing up to use the death of Osama bin Laden as an ace card in his bid for re-election in 2012. The only problem is the entire story is pure fiction. Below, you’ll find plenty of evidence to make that clear.

Alex Jones and his writers at Infowars.com have worked exhaustively to expose the hoax of the War on Terror that centered […]

NOW THAT’S A CAMPAIGN: Venezuela’s Chavez Calls Presidential Rival a ‘Low-Life Pig’…

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez attacked the new opposition candidate for the country’s highest office as a “low-life … pig” in a defamatory speech broadcast on state radio and TV late Thursday.

As the country’s election season gets underway, Chavez said of opposition candidate Henrique Capriles that, “you have a pig’s tail, a pig’s ears, and you snort like a pig,” according to AFP.

On Sunday, the 39-year-old […]


A photo released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps purports to show the RQ-170 drone that was reported crash in December. (Sepahnews via Associated Press)TEHRAN — For the American government, the crash of the RQ-170 drone in Iran was an embarrassment. For the Iranian government, it was a propaganda victory.

And for at least one company, according to state radio, it could be a windfall.

An Iranian firm, seeking to capitalize on […]

Iran Says It Will Give Back The Downed US Sentinel Drone — As A Toy Model

The Associated Press reports that the model will be one eightieth the size of the original drone and sold to the Iranian public for about $4 (via Arab News).

The US drone Tehran says its forces downed in December. Background text in banner reads: “God is Great,” “Down with America,” “Down with Israel,” “Down with England.” (AP/Sepahnews/Iranian Revolutionary Guards)

TEHRAN: Iranian state radio says Tehran will give the United States a […]

Washington Post: Iranian economy is taking a battering over US sanctions, creating a crisis

Washington Post January 2, 2011

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s currency hit a new record low to the U.S. dollar on Monday, two days after President Barack Obama signed into law a bill targeting Iran’s central bank as part of the West’s efforts to pressure Tehran over its nuclear program.

State radio said the Iranian currency’s exchange rate hovered around 16,800 riyals to the dollar, marking a roughly 10 percent slide […]

Yemen forces open fire on protesters, 12 killed

From AP:

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni government forces opened fire with anti-aircraft guns and automatic weapons on tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in the capital demanding ouster of their longtime ruler, killing at least 26 and wounding dozens, medical officials and witnesses said.

After nightfall, Sanaa sank into complete darkness after a sudden power outage, as protesters took control of a vital bridge, halting traffic and setting up […]

European Bank Stress Gauges Hit Levels Not Seen Since Lehman

ECB lending to banks rose by 7.75 billion euros last week to 505.1 billion euros, only the third time this year the measure has risen above 500 billion euros. Photographer: Hannelore Foerster/Bloomberg

Measures that gauge the level of European banks’ reluctance to lend to one another are approaching levels unseen since the aftermath ofLehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEHMQ)’s collapse.

Banks in the region are paying the biggest premium to […]

Iran says it can block ‘Internet in a suitcase’

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s intelligence minister said Friday that his country has found a way to block the so-called “Internet in a suitcase,” a program reportedly developed by the U.S. to bring online access to dissidents around the world.

The minister, Heidar Moslehi, told Muslim worshippers that Iran was aware of the program from the start. “We prepared a solution for it,” he said in a speech broadcast live […]

STUCK: Obama’s ‘Beast’ limo bottoms out on a ramp in Ireland… VIDEO

DUBLIN (AFP) – US President Barack Obama’s heavily armoured Cadillac, nicknamed “The Beast”, became stuck on a ramp at the US embassy in Dublin, RTE state radio reported Monday.

The first cars in the presidential motorcade emerged up the ramp from the car park beneath the complex in Ballsbridge and passed through the gates without incident, but The Beast quickly ran into trouble and got beached.

“The Beast was coming […]

Mandarin Monday – China Tightens, Snow Chills Markets

Mandarin Monday – China Tightens, Snow Chills Markets

By Phil of Phil’s Stock World

It’s going to be another light trading week.

Europe is off 1.25% this morning (8am) as the Shanghai fell 2% and the Hang Seng dropped 0.3% on news that China was raising rates 0.25% for the second time in 2 months – weeks ahead of what most considered a fairly aggressive tightening schedule.  Chinese Premier […]