BOSTON: Copley Square will remain ‘locked down’.

Hillary Chabot Boston Herald April 16, 2013

Bay State residents can expect the massive security surge prompted by the marathon bombing to continue throughout the week, with Copley Square under lockdown, the Common converted into a National Guard staging area and a flood of law enforcement officials patrolling Boston — even as city officials urged residents to return to work as normal.

“The city of Boston will be open, but […]

MA law prohibits sharing of mental health records with FBI database

WASHINGTON — Despite its reputation as a state with strong gun-control laws, Massachusetts for more than a decade has not provided mental health records to an FBI database for gun background checks, the result of a 43-year-old state law prohibiting such sharing.

Massachusetts has submitted just one mental health record to the federal database since 1999 — apparently as a test — at the same time that the FBI has processed […]

Beware, East Coast residents: Some of the people offering to help you clean up the superstorm’s debris may actually be scam artists looking to clean you out instead, officials warn.

Hurricane Sandy Scams: Officials Warn Of Crooked Contractors

Beware, East Coast residents: Some of the people offering to help you clean up the superstorm’s debris may actually be scam artists looking to clean you out instead, officials warn.

In Pennsylvania, Dauphin County Commission Chairman Jeff Haste cautioned local residents to be wary of people offering to do repair work and said senior citizens should be especially vigilant for scam artists, the […]

N.J. ACLU unveils ‘stealth’ app allowing citizens to secretly record police

Now, the ACLU’s New Jersey chapter has gone beyond the courtroom, introducing a smartphone application to allow state residents to secretly record police stops, protect the recordings from being deleted by displeased officers and report the incidents to civil rights groups.

“This app provides an essential tool for police accountability,” said Deborah Jacobs, executive director of the ACLU of New Jersey.

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Police Tape

Utah wants to take away human right to grow food!

Utah wants to Register Gardens! Agenda 21? This is absolutely unconstitutional!!

Here is an article from June 30, 2012 Herald Journal The State wants us to register our garden to keep track of food resources.

“How much food do we produce in Utah? Registering 10,000 gardens is an opportunity to find that answer as well as display our agricultural heritage. This challenge shows our state residents connection to the […]

Never ever forget Mr. Romney said: “Corporations are people.” That is his family, money and wealth.

But when the big corporations lay off American workers they always say: “this isn’t personal, it’s business.” United we stand, I will not join AARP until it stops doing business with Big Businesses (Insurance Companies i.e. the Hartford Ins.) who out sources American workers for foreign India workers, etc. If people would stop joining, we would see corporations respect American workers, because… We the People are standing united against this […]

UPDATE: COKE, PEPSI to drop level of ‘cancer’ chemical

Coca-Cola and Pepsi said Friday they have lowered levels of a chemical in caramel coloring to comply with a California law, but insisted the drinks pose no health risks and recipes will not change.

The move allows the companies to avoid having to label products with a cancer warning due to what the health-conscious west coast state has ruled are high levels of 4-methylimidazole, shown to cause cancer […]

Hawaii Lawmaker Acknowledges Defeat On Bill To Monitor All Web Users

Plans to resurrect legislation in 2013

Steve Watson February 1, 2012

A Hawaii politician who proposed legislation requiring Internet providers to keep records of every website their customers visit has finally acknowledged that the bill is dead in the water.

State Representative John Mizuno says he has conceded to an “incredible” national backlash against H.B. 2288 (PDF) a bill that would have required the creation of virtual dossiers on state residents.