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Treasury Gives Back $115 MILLION Owed Back To Virginia

Feds to release funds to Va. after Cuccinelli complaints

After eight months of waiting, the Department of the Treasury on Wednesday agreed to release in excess of $100 million owed to Virginia for its role as lead investigator in a $1.5 billion court-approved Medicaid Fraud settlement with Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

Officials in the office of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said the office expects to receive $115 million of the $125 million it […]

Why Europe’s Debt Crisis is Barely Getting Started

By Nick Hubble 

If you’re sick of hearing about Europe’s economic crisis, you’ve got a long hard slog ahead of you in coming years. The steady stream of good and bad news is ‘hiding the decline’, as climate scientists would say. But the decline continues nonetheless.

Countries implementing so-called austerity are still running deficits. Politicians say the crisis has passed while their economies shrink. Debt to GDP ratios are rising as debt grows […]

Wichita’s Race Against Fluoridation

Travis Crank
July 8, 2012

The Kansas Health Foundation is the latest player in a long-history of attempts to both bribe city leaders and dupe the public into approving the introduction of fluoride chemicals into our public water system; as Wichita is now ranked as the 4th largest city in the nation to have resisted prior efforts up to present-day and with a county population of about a half-millionpeople, the majority of which are concentrated right here […]

Will the Supreme Court crush Obama’s healthcare dream? President prepares for crucial ruling that could kill off Obamacare

Barack Obama faces one of the deciding moments of his presidency this week as the Supreme Court is set to announce whether or not his flagship healthcare overhaul is constitutional.

And while the White House seems to be leaking information left, right and centre, the court has managed to keep its ruling a secret for months.

America’s nine Supreme Court justices officially voted on the plan more than two months ago – […]