Carcinogenic Sugar Hiding in 4 Common Food Products

Mike Barrett Natural Society January 23, 2012

On average, Americans consume 475 calories worth of added sugars each day. That is about 30 teaspoons, or 5x more than even the American Heart Association recommends. The disturbing aspect is that if nothing changes, the rampant sugar consumption continues, and cumulatively begins bearing down on your health in the form

Dentist offers to buy back Halloween candy

MANSFIELD — A Mansfield dentist is offering cash and prizes in exchange for sweets.

This Halloween, trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to the office of Craig Callen in Mansfield and receive $1 per pound (5-pound limit per child) and free toothbrushes. There also will be a drawing for two free children’s bikes.

Callen, with

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