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Video by the Guardian recreates scenario of 2016 election with genders switched. Spread this far and wide, don’t let the MSM bury their “mistakes”!

I love the referenced article basically saying they redpilled themselves by thinking no one would take such comments from a woman but their audience love it even more. https://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2017/march/trump-clinton-debates-gender-reversal.html We both thought that the...


CNN focus group chose 3rd party over Trump or Clinton. But CNN switched “third party” option to “undecided” when questioning focus group for live broadcast.

According to member of focus group. CNN accused of switching their focus group question from asking “third party” to “undecided” during coverage of Vice Presidential debate. CNN Accused of Manipulating Debate Focus Group https://medium.com/end-the-two-party-…...


46k PA Dems Switched to GOP

Pennsylvania Democrats are changing their voter registrations over to Republican so they can vote for Donald Trump. According to Penn Live, an online newspaper for Central Pennsylvania, Nearly 46,000 Democrats have changed their party...